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Forza Power Technologies FX-2200 UPS***(SKU)


Smart UPS
Smart UPS with LCD screen

AVR Function
Equipped with AVR function to regulate output voltage

LCD Screen
LCD screen indicates the functional status of the UPS in real time

Voltage Regulation
Input and output voltage regulation

Best Home Theater UPS
Recognized as the Best Home Theater UPS by Channel Awards 2010

Optimized for audiovisual hardware, servers, and networks

Equipped with coaxial TV Cable/Internet protection and RJ-45/11

Battery status indicator

Technical Specifications
Size and Weight – Dimensions DxWxH(mm)/:400 x 145 x 205, Net weight: 10.8 kg/23.8lbs
Capacity – VA: 2200, Watts: 1200, Joules: 660
Input – Nominal Input Voltage: 110/120, Voltage Range: 89-145VAC, Input Frequency: 45-65Hz
Output – Nominal Output Voltage: 110/120, Output Frequency: 45-65Hz, Number of Outlets: 8, Surge- only outlets: 2, Batt./AVR/ Surge protected outlets: 6
Protection – AVR: 89-145VAC, Surge Energy Rating (Joules): 660, Battery: 2x12v/9AH, Backup Time: 45 minutos, Dataline Protection: RJ-45/11/Coax
Administration – Monitoring software: No, Communication port: No

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